Help for Solopreneurs

Entrepreneurs who are their own company are “solopreneurs.”

If you are a solopreneur, you already know how incredibly challenging your self-imposed job is. While you’re developing your product, service or course, you also have to work on how to bring it to your audience. It’s a huge task. Believe me, I know.

Here’s where Ingersoll Interactive can help you:

I can work on your online marketing strategy and execution while you work on your product. You focus your time and energy on developing your unique selling proposition and what you’ll deliver to your customers. I will build your platform and guide you on the best ways to communicate to your audience.

We’ll generate interest. We’ll develop a following who will also help you along the process. We’ll be in a great place when it’s time to launch.

You can do this yourself

With all the tools available to you, you can do this all yourself. However, ask yourself: how much of your time and energy will be diverted from your product and service to learn, build, fix, and redo all those tools and techniques?

Partner with a service provider who understands your challenges and will build, guide, and teach you what you need for the best chance to succeed.

Bootstrapping and cost

To get the kind of attention you need can be costly. When you’re bootstrapping your business, every dollar is precious. That’s often why solopreneurs are solo: their primary working capital is time and expertise.

If we are the right fit for each other, we can put in place a payment plan that is based on future and ongoing financial success of your business. In other words, Ingersoll Interactive is paid when you (we) start generating income.

You avoid out-of-pocket expense and I have skin in the game.

Let’s talk

This kind of arrangement requires a mutual understanding, trust, and belief in the success of your venture. There are many variables, including how much work is required and the potential benefits.

So let’s talk about it. Please contact me and we’ll get the conversation going.