Services for Job Seekers

Building a personal platform online is an excellent way to stand out above the others and demonstrate expertise. Personal growth and new opportunities can come from a strong online presence and platform.

Get noticed

You want to stand out above the crowd. You want to be recognized for the significant impact you make. Having a well developed platform reinforces your value and demonstrates the positive impact you will make.

You will be far more memorable than other job applicants.

Help employers know your value

As you build and add to your platform, you are effectively creating a well crafted interview for employers to learn your best qualities. You will make it easy for them to be impressed by you before you speak in person. And when you do, you will be much further along in the conversation than other applicants.

Employers really like the process of hiring to be as easy as possible. When you impress an employer from the very start of the process, you will more quickly discuss the positive ¬†impact you will have on the company. And that’s a very good thing.

The tools we may use

The specifics for each personal platform will be different for each person. Here are some of the pieces that can come together for you:

  • Web site & blog
  • Social media, including LinkedIn & Twitter
  • YouTube & SlideShare
  • Content Marketing